The Quantares bracelets are devices to be applied to the wrist, functioning through very low intensity electromagnetic emissions fed both by the infrared emission of the user (body heat) and by the ambient light.
Therefore, the effects generated are a consequence of a physical rather than a chemical process.
The electromagnetic pulses generated by the device, acting through mechanical stimulation, induce selective de-contraction of the musculoskeletal system, thus rebalancing muscular tension. Consequently the device has an influence on bilateral muscle tone.
The result is a postural rebalancing as evidenced by the symmetrization of plantar support, in the reduction of the dysmetria of the iliac crests and in the optimization of the mandibular occlusion. These improvements can reduce inflammation resulting from incorrect postural patterns.
The optimization of muscle tone can be highlighted in better management of the energy of the muscular system itself which can also lead to improvements in physical stamina and performance.
These results can also occur thanks to the improvement of proprioception, a concept that can be described briefly as the ability of an individual to perceive and recognize the position of his/her body in space. This leads to better coordination and motor efficiency.
Therefore, the device can be of great help in case of discomfort and problems of the skeletal muscle type.
Thanks to the improvement of postural patterns, even athletes who wish to recover or optimize their physical performance can appreciate its effects.

We are proud to support, as official suppliers,
the Italia Team, the Italian Olympic Team.

Dicono di noi

- Certamente lo consiglio!

Claudia C.

After 3 days of use, I can affirm that I do feel improvements in terms of shoulder pain reduction and impact on my posture. Strongly recommended!

- Funziona eccome!

Ilaria R.

It resolved a painful epicondylitis. Definitely works!. My posture improved as well as the balance and overall sense of wellness. THANK YOU!

- Oggi sto decisamente meglio!

Chiara P.

I wear it since 1 week and already at the second day relieved my shoulder pain radiating to my arm/back/chest. Today I feel much better!

- Dolore scomparso!

Fabio P.

I have an acute low back pain generated by a disc protrusion. Simona Tozzetti, my therapist, suggested me the Q-On wristband in combination with a manual treatment. I was skeptical but after few days I must say I feel much better. The acute pain, integral part of my day, disappeared. And I feel a much better sense of balance and stronger posture lost after my accident.

- Sono soddisfatta

Daniela S.

The product works … I noticed a strong improvement in my way of walking and as well as my cervical damaged by a terrible car accident… I repurchased it because I cannot avoid to use it anymore. Service was efficient and on time!

- Braccialetto

Claudia R.

I wear it since two days; I thought it would need one week to start feeling the effects but I already have the feeling that reduce the heel strikes that bother me since long time.

- Equilibrio

Alessandro T.

The wristband induce an immediate feeling of wellbeing and inner harmony. You must drink a lot water during first two weeks!

Jan 17 , 2020