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Opinions and reviews on Q-On, Quantares and Quantares Sport

Claudia C. ( Strongly recommended! ) – After 3 days of use, I can affirm that I do feel improvements in terms of shoulder pain reduction and impact on my posture. Strongly recommended!

Ilaria R. ( Definitely works! )It resolved a painful epicondylitis. Definitely works!. My posture improved as well as the balance and overall sense of wellness. THANK YOU!

Chiara P. ( Today I feel much better! ) I wear it since 1 week and already at the second day relieved my shoulder pain radiating to my arm/back/chest. Today I feel much better!

Fabio P. ( Pain disappeared! ) – I have an acute low back pain generated by a disc protrusion. Simona Tozzetti, my therapist, suggested me the Q-On wristband in combination with a manual treatment. I was skeptical but after few days I must say I feel much better. The acute pain, integral part of my day, disappeared. And I feel a much better sense of balance and stronger posture lost after my accident.

Daniela S. ( Satisfied! )The product works … I noticed a strong improvement in my way of walking and as well as my cervical damaged by a terrible car accident… I repurchased it because I cannot avoid to use it anymore. Service was efficient and on time!

Claudia R. ( Wristband ) I wear it since two days; I thought it would need one week to start feeling the effects but I already have the feeling that reduce the heel strikes that bother me since long time.

Alessandro T. ( Balance ) The wristband induce an immediate feeling of wellbeing and inner harmony. You must drink a lot water during first two weeks!